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monetize your craft summit

Monetize Your Craft Summit

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Are you dreaming of turning your creative hobby into a lucrative business? Imagine weaving your passion with profitability and crafting a life you love. The Monetize Your Craft Summit is your stepping stone to make this dream a tangible reality!

monetize your craft summit

🗓️ Summit At A Glance:

  • Dates: January 23rd - 25th
  • Time: Kick-off at 9am ET
  • Venue: Online - Accessible from your cozy crafting corner

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What Awaits You?

  • Free Registration: Dive into this no-cost opportunity to fuel your crafting journey.
  • Expert-Led Sessions: Absorb insights from seasoned crafters who’ve turned their hobbies into thriving businesses.
  • Dynamic Workshops: From niche-finding to marketing, we cover it all!

monetize your craft summit

Register Now for the Monetize Your Craft Summit!

Exclusive VIP Opportunity:

Post-registration, you'll have the unique chance to upgrade to our VIP pass. This isn’t just an upgrade; it's a gateway to amplified success. With the VIP pass, you gain lifetime access to all summit presentations and an array of handpicked premium bonuses, including:

  • SEO strategies by Sarah Jansel.
  • Monica Little's guide to selling on Instagram.
  • Clàudia Orengo's tips on digitalizing artwork.
  • Andrea Vehige's live Etsy listing creation.

Special Offer: Use code MONETIZE30 for an extra 30% off on the VIP pass.

monetize your craft summit vip pass

Ready to elevate your craft to a profitable venture?

Register Now for the Monetize Your Craft Summit!

Crafting a successful business is no longer a dream. It's a possibility waiting for your action. Don’t miss this chance to redefine success on your terms.